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How might we structure the format of school to best support our learners given the challenges now and into our transition throughout the crisis?  

Heidi Hayes Jacobs
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The question of setting up a responsive school format needs to consider the coordination of four basic structures that will have everything to do with how effectively we can support our returning learners during Transition.  The four structures deal with our decisions on the way we designate: 

Time- schedules - long term- short term - synchronous and asynchronous 

Space- physical spaces- virtual spaces

Grouping of learners

Grouping of professionals 

Our learning experiences are planned in relation to this "nest" of factors that either inhibit or expand possibilities in designing learning experiences.   The attached continuum from Bold Moves for Schools: How We Design Remarkable Learning Environments (ASCD) by H.H. Jacobs and M.H. Alcock, provides a visual rendition of the options for consideration by planners. 


Posted : April 10, 2020 8:55 am
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Thanks Heidi, this is a good reminder from your book we studied in our district not too long ago.

One struggle we have is, if students do come back to the physical building yet we need to practice social distancing (with kindergartners?!?), it will require a serious commitment to replacing some of the furniture. For example, tables may need to be updated to flexible seating/spaces that can allow for safer collaboration at a distance.

Posted : May 16, 2020 12:48 pm