Post Pandemic

Taking the long view, drafting and implementing innovative and dynamic school prototypes (models) to prepare our learners for the world as it is and what it can become.

It’s Now or Never for Colleges in a Post-Pandemic World.  Editorial from Inside Higher Ed.  The editorial takes a stand on how higher education needs to respond to the COVID19 wake-up call in order to survive and to thrive. 
Are you Up For a Design Challenge? Wicked Problems for a Post Pandemic School Redesign   Blogpost by Eric Chagala, Aaron Roberts and Allison Zmuda   A provocative challenge we approach school designs and approaches post COVID19.   
Tofu is not Cheese: Reimagine Education without Schools During Covid19   Blogpost by Yong Zhao.   A noted futurist a case for moving forward to new concepts of what school needs to be versus returning to antiquated models.
Three Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Reshape Education   Global Agenda Blogpost by The World Economic Forum.  Fascinating look at the potential for innovation in the future as well as the rise of inequities in schools.
A Proposal for What Post-Corona Virus Schools Should Do (Instead of What They Used to Do)   Article from Washington Post.   Thinking about future oriented plans that can open up possibilities for our students post-corona. 
Rowan-Salisbury Schools: A Conversation with Dr. Lynn Moody  Interview from Education Reimagined.  Superintendent Moody chronicles her North Carolina district’s learner-centered transformation that began five years ago by examining powerful personalized practice regardless of organization or location.
Let’s Not Go Back, Go Forward!   Blogpost by Silvia Tolisano. . A clarion call to consider the bold moves necessary to turn the current crisis into responsive learning environments.  


Interview with Will Richardson
   Produced by HundrED.  Short video clips of Will Richardson discussing his vision of contemporary schooling.
What Will Schools Look Like Post-Pandemic?  Podcast by EdSurge featuring Simon Rodberg.  Considerations about the future of programs and formats for schools are explored. 
Leading In-Pandemic and Leading Post-Pandemic  Podcast from The Leadership Vision Project.   A stimulating exhortation for leaders as they need to engage the range of their constituents as we move COVID19. 
Video Library of Inspiring Innovations K-12   Series by HundrED.  Range of videos that feature innovation ideas and solutions from schools and experts from around the world  
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