Given the uncertainties of when school will start again and literally where, there is a need to draft possible scenarios tailored to our individual communities.

Is it Safe to Reopen School? These Countries Say ‘Yes’Article Wall Street Journal.  Update on reopening pointing to lack of uptick and smooth return.  
UK: Schools Open for More Pupils but Parents are WaryArticle BBC.  Update on the current beginning of reopening for students and family reactions. 
Six Key Design Elements of Successful Online Learning Article from Global Online Academy.  Exceptionally clear and detailed models to develop self-directed learners.
How Will We Return to School?   Blogpost from H.H. Jacobs and A. Zmuda. Real and actionable choices for curriculum design for the return and how we might arrive at those decisions.
Building the Future Now   Blogpost from H.H. Jacobs and A. Zmuda. Ideas and actions to develop a future-forward, compelling curriculum for the reopening of school. 
Seven Questions to Ask in Our Transition Plans   Blogpost from Michael Fisher.  A range of timely questions for school leaders to consider as they actively plan for reopening of school.
Denmark Lets Young Children Return to School   Article from BBC World News.   One of the first European nations to lay out specific policies on the return to school. 
As School Moves Online, Many Students Stay Logged Out   Article from NY Times .  A timely look at the phenomena of students avoiding online learning engagement.  

How We Must Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic   TEDTalk from Bill Gates.  A must-see recent interview with Bill Gates as he reflects on the current situation and reflects on  his prescient TEDTalk in 2015 where he predicted a pandemic. 
Program Structure Continuumchart developed by H. H. Jacobs and M.H. Alcock matching the four structures of schedule, space, grouping of learners, grouping of professionals with pedagogy. 
Program Structure Prototype Planner  chart developed by H.H. Jacobs and M.H. Alcock to assist in creating prototypes. 
Learning Space Spectrum chart developed by Heidi Hayes Jacobs to assist in planning incremental moves in learning spaces. 
The Importance of Crisis Management Teams  From National Association of Independent Schools. Rationale, key considerations, and essential personnel when designing a crisis management team.
After Stressful Transition to Online Learning, Many in China are Begging to Go Back to School   Podcast from The World on NPR.   The response of Chinese families is examined regarding the return to school now that the numbers of cases has flattened.  
Hong Kong International Primary School Most Recent Update to Online Learning outstanding model for developing online response post-triage into transition. 
Meaningful Virtual Learning  Blogpost by Marie Alcock.  Dr. Alcock highlights critical considerations in the design and implementation on virtual platforms. 
SAIS Plan for Mapping a Return to School During COVID19. Developed by the Southern Association of Independent Schools.   Through and detailed set of guidelines to consider as schools consider the reopening of school during the current crisis.
The Coronavirus Pandemic is Reshaping Education   From Quartz.   A timely case study on the response to the coronavirus by the International School of Monza in Lombardy, Italy. 
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