Immediate need to act now and to act smart to provide accessible and purposeful online learning experiences.
Educators Say Good Morning To Students- Via Video-Conferencing.  Video compilation by Edutopia.   Wonderful compilation of greetings from teachers to their students via video conferencing platforms. 
Summative Assessment in Distance Learning. Article in Edutopia by Andrew Miller.  Excellent and specific strategies and policy suggestions for assessing student learning when in a remote environment. 
Teachers Are Heroes -Taking on the Challenge of Teaching During a Global Crisis. Blogpost by Marie Alcock.  A tribute with understanding that points to the course that educators must muster as we face COVID19. 
‘It Was Just Too Much’: Remote Learning Strains Parents  Article NYTimes .  Online learning demands has placed stress on families. 
Curriculum Triage: How We Do We Manage the Instructional Challenge Right Now?   Blogpost by Heidi Jacobs and Allison Zmuda.  Original blogpost outlining three phases to frame and generate sustainable solutions.
We Did not Sign Up for This! Nine Lessons Learned from a Hong Kong Principal   Blogpost by Heidi Jacobs and Allison Zmuda.  Learning from other global leaders to inspire a playbook for local actions.
Educators on the Front Line Share What’s Working   Article from The Learning Counsel.  Highlights reflections from school leaders around the U.S. on topics from WIFI access to curriculum to LMS to social emotional support for faculty.
Designing for Online Learning Course   Sponsored by Global Online Learning Academy.  Nuts and bolts primer to help teachers  design online learning targeting middle and high school students. Free registration closes April 30, 2020.
Virtual Village Manual   Developed by Escola Concept Schools, Brazil.  Thoughtful approach in how to prioritize and sustain connections in the midst of the crisis.
Voyagers’ Home Activity Learning List   Google Form Developed by Voyagers Community School, Eatontown, NJ.  Powerful set of mostly “screen-free” learning ideas for students to take action and report progress.
5 Minute Keynote -From Gathering to Transformation: Facing the COVID19 Challengeby Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs at international meetup sponsored by Fielding International – April, 2020.  
Let Yourself Off the Hook: Advice for Teachers and Parents During COVID19 Podcast from EdSurge.  Focusing on the importance of connection and digital literacy as we navigate emergency remote learning. 
The Class Divide: Remote Learning at 2 Schools, Private and Public  Article NYTimes.  Compare case studies regarding the  online learning response of two firsts grade classrooms: a  private school in Chicago and a public school in Philadelphia. 
COVID19 Curated Resources   From AAIE. List of newsletters, online learning opportunities, and resources to assist with navigating the crisis.
Remote Learning: It’s Happening  Blogpost and Curated Resources by Silvia TolisanoExcellent, clearly organized applications, digital tools, and websites to support classroom teachers for creating online lessons. 
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